Enami Seiki of thin sheet metal press and caulking equipment

Why don't you eliminate spot welding with caulking? 49 years since the foundation. More than 100 patents acquired ! Thin sheet metal press technology and painted steel plate processing using original caulking technology realizes small-lot multi-product automation. We will solve any problem of production engineers in the world!

Realize tact time 6 sec “200t high speed press line”

Equipment overview The line has 3 press machines. This line mounts and positions a cut blank in the positionin […]

Eliminate post-coat method.Using pre-coated metal has realized cost down.”Press line for instant water heater “

This is a press machine/die, which processes a blank in 4 stages to manufacture a instant water heater case, u […]

Seam automatically “rice cooker outer case press production equipment”

This machine is a press machine, which manufactures rice cooker outer case. Machine overview This machine fixe […]

Change overhang processing to drawins.As a result, any scratches no longer occur.

This is a processing machine, which end-draws,hemming-bends, and roll-forms a cylinder shaped SUS sheet and pl […]

This machine replaces the work of 7 people.”rice cooker inner pot production equipment”

This is a press machine, which manufactures a rice cooker inner pot. Machine overview This machine fix sketch […]

Only ENAMI can provide the equipment “lath sheet production equipment”

For lath-sheet-processing, this machime starts with coil sheets, and perform press-forming using automatic fee […]

”Running-cut machine”has succeeded in simultaneous processing of cutting and drawing.

This is a machine which performs end-face-drawing not stopping serial flowing C-channel. feature This machine […]