Enami Seiki of thin sheet metal press and caulking equipment

Why don't you eliminate spot welding with caulking? 49 years since the foundation. More than 100 patents acquired ! Thin sheet metal press technology and painted steel plate processing using original caulking technology realizes small-lot multi-product automation. We will solve any problem of production engineers in the world!

Privacy policy

We comply with laws concerning protection of personal information. In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act, we will handle personal information as follows.

Enami Seiki Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) recognizes that it is an important responsibility to properly protect customer’s personal information (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”), and we deal with personal information according to the following basic policy (hereinafter referred to as “Basic Policy”).

1. Acquisition

We will acquire personal information necessary for business, including R&D of metal plastic processing method/ metal bonding technology/ FA systems, or production of precision press dies/ forging devices/various automatic machines.

In the case of acquiring personal information, we will notify of or publish purpose of use identified, and ask for customer’s consent beforehand. We will handle personal information according to the purpose of use. If personal information is outsourced to us, we will use it within the scope of outsourcing agreement.

In addition, in the case where we acquire personal information from the third party or publication, we will confirm purpose of use and customer’s consent. If there were no customer’s consent, we would ask customers themselves for their consent.

2. Control

Personal information protection director supervises employees so that employees will understand and perform the protection adequately. In addition to periodic audits, if we find a problem, we will solve it promptly.

We constantly strive to improve personal information protection to perform prevention/ correction of unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of personal information.

3. Compliance

We comply with laws concerning personal information protection, and other pertinent laws and guidelines, conform to practice which is fair and reasonable, and properly handle personal information. 

4. Use

We handle personal information according to purpose of use. In the case of changing purpose of use, we will ask for the customer’s consent beforehand.

We will limit persons handling personal information according to the job, and establish the system so as not to unnecessarily use personal information.

5. Outsource

In the case of outsourcing the handling of personal information, we will inform customers and ask for customers’ consent beforehand. If the name of the outsourcing company is not disclosed, we will manage the company at our own risk. 

In addition, we will obligate the outsourcing company to strictly handle personal information at the same level as ours by contract. This will have the strict handling performed.

6. Providing Third Parties

Personal information will not be provided to any third party, except in following cases:

  • the user has given consent for the disclosure of his or her personal information;

  • disclosure of personal information is required by laws concerning personal information;

  • handling of personal information is outsourced to the third party which has concluded confidentiality agreement;

  • personal information is shared with the head office and sales office; or

  • disclosure is required for public benefit

7. Open, Correct, Delete

Regarding open, correction, or deletion of personal information, we will perform them within the reasonable period and scope.

8. Shared Use

We will share personal information with the head office and sales office.

9. Contact 

Please do not hesitate to contact our “personal information staff” if you have a question about our privacy policy or personal information protection, or if you find any problem in our personal information protection.