Enami Seiki of thin sheet metal press and caulking equipment

Why don't you eliminate spot welding with caulking? 49 years since the foundation. More than 100 patents acquired ! Thin sheet metal press technology and painted steel plate processing using original caulking technology realizes small-lot multi-product automation. We will solve any problem of production engineers in the world!


ENAMI SEIKI’s Business


Integrated Production of Press Dies and Mechanical Equipment from Development.

Development and Production of Equipment tailored to the Needs.

We propose processing method and machinery equipment according to customer’s needs integratedly from development to installation

Automation Automating man-made/multi-step products automated.
Considering how the product having a complicated shape can be processed.
Improve Efficiency Reducing the number of press processing steps.
Space Saving Reducing machine size.
Performing multiple processes with one machine.
Manufacturing multiple varieties with one machine.

 Development and Sales of Caulking Tools

As one of the caulking methods, we develop and sell CUTLOCK / DRAWLOCK tools.
We will manufacture the best size tool after experimenting according to customer’s application.
In addition, we develop not only unit sales of tools but also devices incorporating tools.

Assist in the Production of Machinery

●For designed machine equipment, acting from production to adjustment
●Assembling/Wiring parts provided by customers

We will accept production, assembly, wiring, control board creation etc. of items prepared by customers, making full use of the Know-how gained through integrated production.

For our main work, please see below.

Assembling mechanical equipment and press dies Piping / Wiring of pneumatic / hydraulic equipment

Total Support for Production

Utilizing know-how that we have been manufacturing machines and molds consistently, we will support the customer’s production of machines and dies.

Act quickly when modifying is required

Performing machining at our factory, we can handle the problem quickly, when modifying is required.
In addition, when additional items such as sensors, valves and bolts are needed, we can accept purchasing them directly.

Main Works

  • Assembly and Adjustment of Mechanical Equipment.
  • Assembly and Adjustment of Press Dies.
    • 250t 2700mm x 1060mm Crank press bed.
    • 150t 1150mm x 750mm Crank press bed.
  • Air Piping/Hydraulic Piping.
  • Built in Driving Equipment.
    • Linear guides, ball screws, belts, chains, motors, servo motors, robots, etc.
  • Wiring Work.
    • In-equipment wiring, motors, sensors, etc.
  • etc.

Production and Processing of Machine Parts

Meeting a Wide Range of Processing Methods

In order to try press dies and machines in-house, we have NC machines and general-purpose machines for manufacturing or modifying parts.

Utilizing these facilities, we also perform the production / additional work of parts.

Meeting the Previous and Following Process.

We can also accept material arrangements, canned items or surface treatments.

Processing type · Maximum processing size

Machining Process Length : 3500mm / Width : 2100mm / Height : 600mm
Maximum processing weight : 14000kg
Wire Cut Length : 1050mm / Width : 800mm / Height : 295mm
Maximum processing weight : 800kg
EDM Length : 750mm / Width : 500mm / Height : 210mm
Maximum processing weight : 500kg
Jig Grinding Process Length : 700mm / Width : 320mm / Height : 100mm
Maximum processing weight : 300kg
Milling 1700mm / 420mm 450mm
Grinding / Polishing 1000mm / 500mm / 440mm
Lathing 1000mm / Diameter : 610mm
CMM Width : 770mm / Length : 1450mm / Height : 570mm
Maximum measurable weight : 1500kg

Production of Control Panels , Operation Panels , and Junction Boxes.

Creating Control Panels making use of Design Knowledge.

Regarding most of the control panel / operation panel used for our mechanical equipment, the process from design to adjustment is performed in-house.
Since we have a lot of knowledge about control equipment, we can perform assembly and wiring according to equipment.
We can also perform assembly / wiring of junction boxes or switch boxes for operation.

We can create both mechanical equipment and the control panel.

We can accept assemby of mechanical equipment and the control panel, connection to internal wiring and the control panel, or operation check etc .