Enami Seiki of thin sheet metal press and caulking equipment

Why don't you eliminate spot welding with caulking? 49 years since the foundation. More than 100 patents acquired ! Thin sheet metal press technology and painted steel plate processing using original caulking technology realizes small-lot multi-product automation. We will solve any problem of production engineers in the world!

Change overhang processing to drawins.As a result, any scratches no longer occur.


This is a processing machine, which end-draws,hemming-bends, and roll-forms a cylinder shaped SUS sheet

and plating sheet.


This machine can end-draw/hemming-bend and roll-form the cylinder-both-ends simultaneously.
For end-bending section, servo press machine is used.

Though conventional method, which is expanding a core, often makes processing scratches inside cylinder, ENAMI machine will not make any scratches.

This machine, which performs end-drawing/hemming bending and roll-forming simultaneously, has improved productivity.

End-drawing processing makes drawing section harder than used to be, so that thinner plates also can be used.


Machine tact 35 seconds
Target work Outer diameter:660mm
Height: 570mm
Drawing diameter 620mm

Request from the customer

The customer production is “expand”(method of spread from inside), so that the shape of product is distorted cylinder.
Take the new method, which is drawing the upper and lower of cylinder, form precise cylinder


Only ENAMI can perform the special processing.

The profit the customer gained

Precise cylinder shape is formed, so that quality of the dryer drum has improved.

Watch the motion video